Flip-Flops Grill
4281 E. Co. Hwy. 30-A, Seagrove Beach, 850-231-1077

I hit the newly opened Flip-Flops Grill in Seagrove for lunch with my friend, Tera Cross, on Monday. There is a lot of chatter around South Walton about this place and it has immediately become a local’s favorite. In addition to lunch which is served from 11am – 2pm, they are also open for breakfast at 7am. They are closed on Sundays.

Burgers, hot dogs, fried shrimp, chicken tenders, corn dogs, fries (regular and cheese), onion rings…it’s classic greasy spoon fare. What makes it a home run is the passion the husband/wife team, Shea Guillory and Rebecca Mayeux, put into the food. The burgers aren’t frozen patties from Cisco but are hand made and seasoned with a special house blend. The onion rings and fries are hand cut and home made. You can tell there was thought put into the selection of the perfect bun for the burger and hot dog as both hold up beautifully under the heft of such toppings as chili, guacamole, “magic” mayo, gorgonzola cheese and all the traditional fixins.

I am embarrassed to admit this but I ordered two things from the menu – the Shrimp Po’Boy and the Chili Cheese Dog. I had been told that I MUST try the chili dog and threw it in our order for Tera and I to share. Turns out Tera doesn’t eat hot dogs so I was forced to eat it all myself. I couldn’t let it go to waste now could I?

I have never met a chili cheese dog I didn’t like but I do have to say Flip – Flops does a spectacular job with theirs ($5.89 with fries). As I mentioned, they have identified the secret to a great dog – the perfect bun – and they serve theirs in a kaiser roll cut not in half, but with a pocket to hold the dog, chili and cheese in. The dog is 100% beef – Angus Beef – and was delish! The chili was perfectly spicy and not at all runny which is one of my biggest complaints with chili dogs. It was topped off with cheddar and monterey. What the photo fails to show is that the chili dog is served with fries, too, but I passed considering I was eating two lunch items. I did have fries on a previous visit and they are excellent. My opinion on the chili cheese dog – you MUST try it, too!

I also ordered the Grilled Shrimp Po’Boy ($7.99 for the regular size, $11.99 for the large size both served with fries). Again, please note that it comes typically comes with fries. As described on the menu, this is “A healthy choice…Shrimp sauteed in a lightly seasFlipflopspoboyoned lemon-butter sauce served on our fresh French loaf, dressed with our magic mayonnaise, shredded lettuce and thin sliced tomato!”. I thought that the flavor was really good – you can tell they use fresh shrimp. The French bread was light and crispy and I love their magic mayo. It’s a good choice if you are looking for something that falls under the better-for-your-waistline category.

Tera ordered her new fav – the Shrimp Chipolte Burrito ($7.99) which comes with chips. “Grilled Shrimp, Spanish rice, black beans, corn, red onions, shredded monterey jack and cheddar cheese, fresh cilantro, tomatoes and spicy chipolte sauce.” – it sounds as good as it looked and I will have to order this next time I’m in. They also have a Baja Black Bean Burrito for the vegetarians amongst us and a Chicken Fajita Burrito.

Tera and I did get a chance to speak one-on-one with Rebecca and Shea. What great people! They moved from Nashville last fall with their 8-year old son (who we found out in talking happens to be in my son’s 3rd grade class at Bay) and 3-year old twins. Shea is a kindred spirit – entrepreneurial through and through with what appears to be inexhaustible energy and a mind full of great services and events to bring to SoWal. In addition to Flip Flops, he is starting a band AND a home watching service. I will keep in touch with them for sure.

Welcome to South Walton Shea and Rebecca!!

Reviewed by Jill Gaupin

Jill is die-hard foodie and a big part of her life revolves around eating, cooking, and drinking wine…oh, and talking about eating, cooking and drinking wine, too.