Powder coating is a finishing method mostly used for your metal products to make them more attractive and durable. Since powder coating utilizes static electricity and heat, it can make a smooth layer that’s both attractive to the eye and can resist various types of damage, such as corrosion, rust, and more. If you want to maximize your experience with the powder coating process, then you must adhere to some tips to achieve the best finish that you deserve and need as much as possible. Listed below are a few hacks that you can do to have a high-quality powder coating finish that you and your clients will surely appreciate.  

Clean your products thoroughly 

When you would like to achieve the most attractive and smoothest powder coating layer as much as you can, then it’s vital to make sure that your products are well-cleaned before you start the process. Any imperfections on your products can impact that powder coat’s integrity, which can also diminish its finish’s effectiveness.  

First of all, you have to eliminate any grease or dirt that’s on the product’s surface that you want to undergo powder coating. Know that almost any commercial degreaser can help you with this. But you still need to guarantee that it is safe for metal. Next, you have to apply a paint remover that can remove any existing paint on your product. Ultimately, make sure to sandblast your products to ensure that the surface is leveled and that the powder will properly stick on it. After you do such a task, use acetone to clean your products and then hang them so that it’ll be prepared to get the powder coating.  

Disassemble your product 

Taking your product apart is among the essential things you need to do. Doing so can make sure that each piece of the product will be evenly coated, making a pleasing and even layer for which the powder coating procedure was intended. Moreover, disassembling your items will let you eliminate any parts that will most likely melt throughout the curing process, such as plastic or rubber items.  

Selecting and applying your coating 

As soon as you have finished the required steps to prepare for the process, then you can start it. Before you apply the powder to your product, using a base coat is a must. Choose a primer that’s specially designed for the metal type utilized in your product, then use the primer on it. 

After applying the primer, you can now select your top coat. The advantage of powder coating rims Dallas, Texas is that it can make a high-quality coat in different styles, such as various textures and colors. Consider the topcoat that’ll work well on your products so that you can achieve the ideal finish for it.  

Make your powder coating finish 

When you’ve successfully followed the steps above, you’ll get a powder coating finish that’ll make your product appear the best while boosting its durability as well.