Dogs are men’s best friends. This is much known to us, how dogs created a great impact on our lives. They gave us great happiness. Owning a dog becomes rampant in the country today. Perhaps, they come in various breeds with different personalities and characteristics. They may differ from their physical appearance; others are big or small. The most important thing is that they are there to give us a better experience in life especially when they are trained very well. Pet parents would hire a professional dog trainer.   

There is a proper activity by training your dog in such a way that they would feel comfortable. There are certain things you must avoid with a training dog. Thus, hiring an expert in dog training is necessary. If you feel not to ask for assistance from others, you can train your dog by yourself. You just have to do many types of research to guide you.  


To give you more information all about training your dog, we gladly put in the list below the essential things you should never do with your training dog. Take note of these things as it will guide you to the right thing to do.   

Repetition of Commands. Command nagging is doing some repetition of the cues towards the dog. This happens when you call the dog to come and it refuses to do since you thought that your dog isn’t responding at all, you keep calling it by repeating the particular command twice or thrice. By that, the dog act to come when you call it several times since they think that the owner must repeat the command before responding. This is a popular mistake for some pet parents.   

Frequent Absences to Training Classes. Dogs are like humans too. Failing to attend a class is a common mistake for some pet parents. Dogs need to have regular training but with minimal practices since they have also a short attention span like the children. Also, even if they are not in their training session, still apply everything that has been thought of the day in their daily living to perfectly retain the lessons. Thus, to make them easily catch the training, avoid frequent absences, and let them enjoy their class as always. Dogs always love to play, engaging some games in the training will help them more.  

Training in a Bad Mood. If you feel like you are upset for any other reasons, do not train your dog. Calm yourself first or set another day of practicing them. Once you are angry while doing some dog training, you might release some unusual words to your dogs or you may hit them once they have not been doing well in the training. Always avoid hurting your dogs, verbally or physically most especially when you are training them. This result makes them feel afraid of you.  

Training your dogs does not only involve teaching the basic commands but also generating a good relationship and a healthy exercise towards them. Once you trained your dogs, you were engaging them to understand you. Hence, your dog probably knows you well if you are happy or upset.