The windows of your house will start to break down and wear out over time. They do not last a lifetime. Just like any other item in the world, your windows have an expected lifespan.  

When your windows are almost reaching their expected lifespan, they will start to drop in energy efficiency. In addition to that, it will also experience other issues. This includes difficult operations, an ugly appearance, and much more.  

However, is damage small enough to fix it? Is it more worth it to replace your windows? Oftentimes, people choose to fix their windows because they find a new window cost a lot more. However, there are occasions where a window replacement is more cost-effective. Today, we’re going to talk about whether or not you should repair or replace your windows. 

Water Damage and Moisture Leaks 

Oftentimes, water damage starts small. You might notice indications of discoloration, spots of mildew or mold, and peeling paint around the window casing. You can fix your window if the damage is small. However, you might have to replace your windows if the damage is extensive. 

Condensation between the Panes 

Professionals usually call these “blown windows”. It’s an indication of seal failure on the IGU (insulated glazing unit). The insulating gas has leaked and normal air that contains moisture has replaced it. If this is the case, your windows will not be as efficient as they were before. Though you can hire a professional to fix this problem, you might want to replace your windows to achieve maximum efficiency.  

Broken Glass 

Almost every window style enables you to just replace a pane or an insert if you break the glass. If you’ve got newer windows, fixing the broken glass is more affordable than replacing the entire window. However, you should consider replacing your windows if they are more than 30 years old. 

Warped Window Frames 

Window materials tend to contract and expand due to fluctuations in temperature. If these fluctuations happen at various rates, it can result in warped frames. If the damage is extensive, you will have to completely replace your windows to restore their full function.  

Sticky Operation 

Debris and dirt will accumulate in the tracks of your windows. Because of this, regular lubrication and cleaning are important. Fortunately, it is easy to maintain your windows. You can utilize a soft-bristle brush, plastic putty knife, and a vacuum to get rid of dirt. Next, you should get a soft cloth and apply a silicone spray on it. Rub the cloth in the tracks to get rid of debris. You might have other issues on your hands if this does not fix the problem.  

Broken or Stubborn Hardware 

You can easily find the replacement components you require to fix your windows. This is especially true if your windows aren’t too old. All you have to do is to check with the manufacturer or the dealer and see if they’ve got your parts. A couple of components might be extremely difficult to find if your windows are too old.