What does Blue Wave Certified mean regarding the Beaches of South Walton and 30A?

(from the TDC website) Blue Wave Certified Beaches of South Walton represents the nation’s best beaches with its miles of unspoiled shoreline and natural habitat. In March 2004, the destination demonstrated how it practices correct beach management techniques by hosting the first Sustainable Beaches Summit sponsored by the Clean Beaches Council (CBC). Beaches of South Walton inaugural event gathered beach professionals and coastal educators from federal agencies, state and local governments, academia and industry together to discuss the preservation of the nation’s beaches and how to manage our natural resources. Beaches of South Walton was selected to host the event because of its innovative beach maintenance and nourishment programs to protect and preserve its natural resources.

In order to be Blue Wave certified, applicants must meet the program’s criteria for water quality, beach and intertidal conditions, services, habitat conservation, erosion management, public information and education. Beaches that meet these criteria receive the Blue Wave flag, which is prominently displayed beachside.

The Blue Wave Campaign is a “good housekeeping” stamp of approval for beaches. It helps the beach-going public identify well-managed beaches when planning vacations and also protects beach environments and public health. Beaches of South Walton also holds the designation as the only destination in the country to have all 26 miles of coastline certified as “Blue Wave,” an environmental seal of approval from the Clean Beaches Council.