Here are some mistakes you have probably encountered when installing your drywall before and some tips to get your drywall properly installed.  



Marking the locations for framing.  

Sometimes when installing drywall, it is often forgotten to do markings. Markings help in making sure that the screws are placed in the accurate area. Through the markings, you can be guided through placing the screws quickly with accuracy. Moreover, since the step is accurate, you will save enough time to do other processes involved in the installation of your drywall.  


Checking the fit before you fasten it in place. 

Even if you were careful with how you measured everything, there are still times that an outlet hole will not quite fit perfectly. Always avoid making the mistake of screwing your drywall even before you trim the opening area. It is always a wiser choice to check how the drywall fit before tightly pressing it to your wall.  


Minimize the joints. 

When you tape a drywall, you are consuming too much time and you will waste a lot of extra energy. Some joints like the top or upper ones are hard to tape so make sure that you use the sheets that are long and large to ensure you are placing your drywall correctly. You may think that you are wasting on materials that’s why you are buying just the exact measurements; however drywall is affordable compared to other materials. Always go the extra mile when buying materials or expect to buy again.  


Avoid cracks in the future. 

Make sure that when you line the sheets of drywall, it not at the edge of the opening of your window or your door. Even if you don’t notice or feel it, your home can sometimes shift and settle every once in a while, and through this the movement can be visible through your window’s corners or door’s corners. Make sure that you do not tape in this location because taping it on this location will not stick well. Moreover, it can crack as time goes by.  


Rather than opting for locations like corners, openings are better to make a joint. If you are wondering how to do the external part of your windows, it is trickier thank you think. Before you hang it, measure the sheet and notch it. Moreover, ask for extra hands when handling the hanging of notched sheets since it has a skinny section that is fragile to handle. Remember, it is fine to attached sheets in an opening just make sure that the location of the joint is not in line with either of the side of the sheets.  


There are more ways to ensure that you are installing your drywall correctly. Some steps a little longer than other and some a little trickier however one that you should always do when installing something for the long term is being cautious and sure of the process. If you are not confident on installing your drywall at home, then call for a professional’s help. Search for a ‘drywall installation near me’ on the internet or go to the website